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Sub-granting scheme activities presented to representatives of local governments

An activity not foreseen by the project, encouraged by the project consortium, was the organization and implementation of meetings in local communities where grant scheme projects are implemented, which brought together representatives of local governments and representatives of CSOs, beneficiaries of grants as well as representatives of relevant departments and services of local governments. Thus, in June and early July, we visited most of the cities and municipalities that are beneficiaries of the “LINK4Cooperation” project.

The aim of this activity was to give the non-governmental sector the opportunity to present their projects and their activities to local government representatives, and in cooperation to find ways to connect activities with the needs of the local community.

In the long term, the intention of such meetings is to open opportunities for continuing work on solving challenges in local communities after the completion of project implementation, and additional networking of the non-governmental sector with local authorities in order to better coordinate work on issues of common interest.

Through a series of meetings, the need for continuous communication and information exchange between the non-governmental sector and local governments was established in order to create a complete picture of the needs of a local community and work together to solve problems or improve the current situation.

A total of 22 organizations from BiH are beneficiaries of grant scheme through the “LINK4Cooperation” project financed by the European Union.