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Smart benches

Installation of smart benches for all citizens


The project consortium, with the support of the European Union , and in cooperation with 12 local governments, will enable the procurement of 12 smart benches that will be available to citizens in each of the project communities.


Smart benches in local communities will be set up with the aim of forming a unique online network that the project intends to develop between NGOs and other target groups from the project area. In this way, we use all the benefits of digital democracy or the process of developing democratic policies through digital communication channels (internet platforms and / or social networks) to enable all citizens to become part of the participatory process in their communities.


The installation of smart benches is planned in the third project year (2023), when the realization of at least one initiative is planned, using this way of mobilizing target project groups.


You will soon be able to find and use smart benches in the following local communities: Berkovici, Jablanica, Kostajnica, Maglaj, Mostar, Nevesinje, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Ravno, Trebinje, Zavidovici and Zepce. 


With this approach, we will create a virtual digital HUB that serves to launch various forms of civil initiatives, the so-called ”network mobilization”, which has advantages over the classic forms, because it is faster, cheaper and less labor-intensive than the classic “field work”.


E-participation and digital democratization through smart benches will be enabled by providing a virtual “space” on on project websites to all interested individuals and NGOs to give their ideas, proposals and projects that will be transformed into concrete participatory democracy actions by network members NGOs. In the long run, this approach means a kind of independence, and just one click can very quickly profile the organization of the action even when like-minded people are physically distant.