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LDA Mostar (project leader)

Local Democracy Agency Mostar / LDA Mostar
City and Country Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address Fra Ambre Miletica 30, 88000 Mostar, B&H
Contact person Ms. Dzenana Dedic

+387 36 333 830


Web Page www.ldamostar.org
Short Description Since its establishment in November 2004, Local Democracy Agency Mostar acts as a locally registered non-profit, nongovernmental organization, with the support of its partners and co-operation with other Agencies and the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA). It is precisely this co-operation, both on local and regional level that has enabled numerous activities and projects useful for the development of the local community and its inclusion into processes at the regional level. Activities of LDA Mostar, which aim to create a more active citizenry on one side, and transparent and accountable local authorities on the other, are focused towards development of a modern democratic society. These activities entangle every segment of life of the local community and offer a possibility of improving the living standard of all categories of the society by directly influencing concrete changes.

LDA Prijedor

Local Democracy Agency Prijedor
City and Country Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address Oslobodilaca Prijedora 6, Prijedor, RS/BiH
Contact person Dragan Dosen

+387 52 241 100


Web Page http://www.ldaprijedor.org/
Short Description Local Democracy Agency Prijedor started with a humanitarian initiative that began in 1996, before being established in the year 2000. The work of LDA Prijedor is based on promoting the principles of local development, doing various projects, and encouraging principles of democracy. It also has the goal of integrating the Balkan area into the greater European Community.

LDA Zavidovići

LDA Zavidovići
City and Country Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address Omladinska 10, 72220 Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact person Mr. Slađan Ilić

+387 32 877 008


Web Page www.lda-zavidovici.org
Short Description

Local Democracy Embassy in Zavidovići was founded in 1996. It was created as a spontaneous initiative of a group of peace activists who had gathered around the Coordination of solidarity initiatives in Brescia in 1992 during the war in

Bosnia and Herzegovina, and implemented the projects of humanitarian assistance to the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the reception of refugees in Italy. Today, LDA Zavidovici in Bosnia and Herzegovina carries

out activities in the local community and Zenica-Doboj Canton, and works with organizations from across the country and the region in the implementation of common projects. In addition, it should be stressed that the backbone and constant work is always close collaboration with the founders and partners of the organization from Italy.


Center for Development of Herzegovina
City and Country Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address Obala Luke Vukalovica bb Trebinje, BiH
Contact person Slobodan Vulesevic
Contact Email: crh@teol.net
Web Page https://www.facebook.com/crhtrebinje
Short Description The non-governmental organization “Centre for Development of Herzegovina” (CDH) has been working since October 2003. For almost two decades, it has been completing its tasks and achieving its goals, and has been actively meeting demands for regional development.


European association for local democracy – ALDA
City and Country Strasbourg, France

Council of Europe 1, Avenue de l’Europe

F-67075 Strasbourg – France

Contact person Antonela Valmorbida

+33 3 90 21 45 93

+33 3 90 21 55 17



Web Page https://www.alda-europe.eu/
Short Description The European Association for Local Democracy, or ALDA, was established by the Council of Europe in 1999 in order to coordinate and help the various LDAs, which are largely self-sustaining and locally registered. ALDA and the various LDAs work together on projects to promote their goals across various countries and their civil society sectors. These include promoting principles of local democracy, active citizenship, and cooperation between local authorities and civil society.

ALDA Skopje

European association for local democracy –ALDA Skopje
City and Country Skopje, North Macedonia
Address Partizanski odredi 43b/1-5 1000 Skopje
Contact person Katica Janeva

Phone: +389 (0) 2 6091 060

Email: aldaskopje@aldaintranet.org

Web Page https://www.alda-europe.eu/
Short Description Based in Skopje, North Macedonia, ALDA Skopje а subsidiary of the greater ALDA organization. It is all about collective teamwork between local governments and civil society in order to encourage greater transparency and citizen participation. They are also supporters of European Integration of North Macedonia.