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Exchange of information between LAs and CSOs – first step in solving local challenges

The final year of the project started with a series of meetings in January, gathering representatives of civil society organizations and representatives of 12 local self-governments, the beneficiaries of our project. The aim of the meetings was primarily to inform the non-governmental sector about the findings of the ELoGE process that local governments went through as part of the “LINK 4 Cooperation” project, based on the challenges faced by local communities were detected.

Acquaintance with detected challenges is essential for the non-governmental sector in the context of designing and adapting project proposals and implementing activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the local population, with a special focus on underrepresented and vulnerable population groups.

On this occasion, representatives of CSOs from the area of ​​12 local communities included in the “LINK4Cooperation” project were presented with the activities of the project, the informal “Network for Participatory Democracy” formed through the project, and the implementation of the grant scheme and the public call for project proposal submission for the joint action of civil society organizations and local authorities were announced.

“LINK 4 Cooperation” project aims to strengthen the capacity of local authorities and civil society organizations in conducting participatory processes in order to jointly identify specific problems of communities and, thanks to a participatory approach, find the best solutions.

Implementation began on January 1, 2021 and will last until December 31, 2023. Its value is over 540,000 EUR, of which the European Union provided over 490,000 EUR in grants.

The project consortium consists of the Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Mostar, the Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Zavidovici, the Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Prijedor, the Center for the Development of Herzegovina (CRH), the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA), and associate partner ALDA Skopje.