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Meetings with the Mayors of Berkovići and Nevesinje

As part of the planned activities of the LINK 4 Cooperation project, meetings were held today in Berkovići and Nevesinje with the management of these municipalities in order to agree on the next steps in the process of implementing this project.

The meetings were informative and referred to education on the ELoGE program of the Council of Europe, the Leadership Academy Programme (LAP), “grant” schemes for the civil sector in the project area, ways to improve cooperation of all participants in LINK 4 Cooperation project as well as the joint promotion on the project official social media and the project portal.

In the Municipality of Berkovići, the project team had a meeting with the Mayor Nenad Abramović and his Deputy Bojan Samardžić, and in Nevesinje with the Mayor of this Herzegovinian municipality Milenko Avdalović.

On behalf of the LINK 4 Cooperation project, the meetings were attended by representatives of the project coordinator from the Local Democracy Agency Mostar as well as a representative of the partner organization from the Centar za razvoj Hercegovine – CRH Trebinje.

LINK 4 Cooperation project is funded by the European Union.