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12 local governments introduced to the ELoGE process

In the period from November 2021 to February 2022, representatives of the LINK 4 Cooperation project consortium held a series of meetings with representatives of 12 local governments from Bosnia and Herzegovina, beneficiaries of the project.

The aim of the meetings was to present what was done during the one-year implementation of the project in 12 cities and municipalities in BiH, as well as to present the next activities of the project. The focus of the meeting was also the “grant” scheme for the civil sector in the project area, and potentially interesting models of joint promotion on the project portal and social networks of the project (FB and Instagram).

The main goal of the meetings was to present the European Label of Excellence in Governance – ELoGE and the Leadership Academy Programme – LAP as extremely valuable tools of the Council of Europe that will give a new dimension to the relationship between local governments and civil society organizations involved in this project.

The next step in the implementation of the project is the launching of the ELoGE process in Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the methodology of the Council of Europe based on 12 principles of good local governance. The responsibility for the implementation of the ELoGE self-assessment process is on the ELoGE teams delegated on behalf of their local governments. Assistance to local governments through this process will be continuously provided by representatives of the project consortium led by the Local Democracy Agency Mostar, the holder of the accredited platform for the implementation of the ELoGE program in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

LINK 4 Cooperation project is funded by the European Union.