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16 consortium representatives successfully obtained ELoGE ToT – gaining ELoGE expert certificate

As a key activity of the project “LINK 4 Cooperation” in the context of capacity building of the project consortium, training for trainers (ToT) was organized with the aim of providing skills and tools for establishing, evaluating and monitoring the performance of local governments. The training is based on 12 principles of good democratic governance developed by the Council of Europe through the ELoGE program, and in the period from October 13th – December 23rd, 2021. This training was attended by 16 representatives of civil society organizations that make up the project consortium, gaining the ELoGE expert certificate.

The ToT based on the ELoGE methodology was held by external experts delegated by the Council of Europe, and the participants in the training will be presented with the Certificate of Trainers for the ELoGE program. The twelve principles of good democratic governance cover issues such as participation, advocacy and fair conduct of elections, reactivity – timely and adequate response, efficiency and effectiveness, openness and transparency, rule of law, ethical behavior, competence and capacity, innovation and openness to change, sustainability and long-term orientation, sound financial management, human rights, cultural diversity and social cohesion and responsibility. For each principle, there is an elaborate method, with specific benchmarks and indicators, that allow for impact assessment in an objective and participatory way.

The next step in the continuation of the ELoGE process that follows the training for trainers is the assessment of 12 local governments from the territory of BiH that are included in the project. The Council of Europe can award the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) to local governments that have achieved a high overall level of good governance, measured through a special evaluation network.

LINK 4 Cooperation project is funded by the European Union.