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Prijedor, Novi Grad and Kostajnica in „Link4Cooperation“ project

Strengthening cooperation and better understanding between CSOs and local administrations as an important goal

Northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina is involved through Kostajnica, Novi Grad and Prijedor in the “Link4Cooperation” project, funded by European Union.

These three local communities from Republika Srpska are part of the Prijedor region, and they were chosen because of the long-term cooperation they have with the Local Democracy Agency (LDA) from Prijedor and the mutually positive experiences that marked that cooperation.

This cooperation is primarily reflected in contacts with NGOs in these local communities and it is very important to note that the city of Prijedor has been a host partner of LDA Prijedor for more than 20 years and that all projects implemented by LDA Prijedor are designed in cooperation with representatives of the City of Prijedor administration.

The Municipality of Novi Grad is, above all, recognizable for organizing activities to protect the environment and initiatives related to nuclear waste at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia, the focus and cooperation of LDA Prijedor and Prijedor City Administration aimed at finding a solution to this big problem.

The Municipality of Kostajnica is currently in the phase of preparing the Rulebook on Allocation of NGO Funds, and the focus of activities is on repairing the damage from various earthquakes, which, apart from the Croatian Agreement and the world-western part of BiH in December 2020.

In previous meetings with representatives of local government, the desire for cooperation on the “Link4Cooperation” project was expressed, which was confirmed by the presence of deputy mayor of Prijedor Zarko Kovacevic and mayors of Novi Grad and Kostajnica, Miroslav Drljaca and Nikola Janjetovic.

In these local communities, the activation of citizens through informal groups in the process of solving specific problems with the aim of improving living conditions in their communities is noticeable, because in this way the best solution to specific problems of citizens is concluded.

Having in mind the readiness of representatives of local governments and civil society activism, we have included these three local communities in the project “Link4Cooperation” in order to contribute to strengthening cooperation and better understanding of civil society organizations and local administrations.

City of Prijedor, Republika Srpska, https://www.prijedorgrad.org/sr-BA/

Dalibor Pavlović, gradonačelnik

Municipality Novi Grad, Republika Srpska, https://www.opstina-novigrad.com/

Mirosla Drljača, mayor

Municipality Kostajnica, Republika Srpska, https://www.opstina-kostajnica.com/

Nikola Janjetović, mayor