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Workshop on the ELoGE Methodology Implementation for Project Consortium Members

LINK 4 Cooperation project consortium held a meeting on February 8, 2022. In addition to the regular exchange of information between the representatives of the partner organizations, a workshop on the implementation of the ELoGE process of the Council of Europe was held with the focus on the ELoGE methodology to be applied in 12 local governments covered by the project. The workshop identified steps and materials that will be used to make the ELoGE process as clear as possible to the beneficiaries.

Previously, from October to December 2021, 16 representatives of the project consortium obtained ToT (training of trainers) for the implementation of the ELoGE methodology by external experts delegated by the Council of Europe gaining the certificates for the implementation of the ELoGE program.

The ELoGE program includes a process of self-assessment of the activities of local governments within the 12 principles of good local governance. The conducted self-assessment reveals stronger and weaker segments of local government activities, followed by the targeted education in order to improve the weaker aspects.

A series of workshops with representatives of local ELoGE teams, delegated on behalf of 12 local governments, beneficiaries of the LINK 4 Cooperation project will be implemented in the following months.

The LINK 4 Cooperation project is funded by the European Union.