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12 local governments ready to start with the ELoGE process implementation

The activities of the Link 4 Cooperation project are designed to strengthen the influence of civil society and decision-making in public policies at the local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the EU accession process. All project activities contribute to a favorable legal and financial environment at the local level, participation and networking, as well as cooperation between local authorities and CSOs.

The aim of the project is to strengthen civil society through well-developed capacity building activities, but also through awareness-raising activities that would improve their position as stakeholders in public policies. On the other hand, the project is designed to promote and apply 12 principles of good governance and the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in 12 local governments in BiH. The project is led by a local applicant, LDA Mostar in cooperation with project partners and involves local organizations with the support of expertise, exchange of best practices and knowledge transfer by CSOs of regional and international partners. Cross-sectoral cooperation is encouraged by involving local governments (12 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina) as the main political actors at the local level and 20 civil society organizations from these 12 municipalities. The project addresses issues related to intersectoral dialogue and participatory democracy in BiH, creating an environment for CSOs, building the capacity of basic civil society organizations for networking and building partnerships with local authorities, for sufficient contribution and support to socio-economic development.

In the context of the above mentioned, a series of informative meetings were held between representatives of the project consortium and representatives of 11 out of 12 local governments in the period from 5.11. – 28.12.2021. years in which the role of local governments in project activities was discussed in more detail. Special emphasis was placed on education on the ELoGE program of the Council of Europe, the Academy for Leaders (LAP), the “grant” scheme for the civil sector in the project area, ways to improve cooperation between all project participants, and joint promotion on the project portal and social networks.

The meetings are the continuation of cooperation and exchange of experiences, with the aim of launching a mechanism for assessing local governments through the principles of the ELoGE program.

LINK 4 Cooperation project is funded by the European Union.